Shattered windows

Sometimes some blessings arrive by shattering all the windows. _ Paulo Coelho

Windows I suppose are what we look through …our perceptions?
…our beliefs & conditions?

Try to clutch them shut …might cut &Β bleed

Let them break open …shatter & scatter

What hurts is not your belonging
What stays after is the blessing
That comes clear in view
Is as close as it can be to what is true


9 thoughts on “Shattered windows

  1. Let us unlearn everything we have learn so far and become empty and hollow . Let travel to the world where no perception and mind donot exsist .

    Let us become sheer conscious in a wakefulness, dream or in deep sleep. Let us connect with eternal bliss and witness the event . Let us go beyond physical and reach the destination of beyond time and space.

    Let us enter the realm of infinite living . Let break the bondage of limitations and dissolve in unlimited. Let us tie entire existence in one energy field and know nothing .

    Let us become nothingness which has no start and no beginning.

    You wrote Beautiful Pragalbha !

    I am touched with your confession. I wish I could wrote a book in your praise not just a line.

    I wish I could help you enter into world where you only see happiness around . I wish I could go beyond time and keep on reading what you have written so far ! I wish I keep on listening to those vibration the moment you create them even before jotting them on paper ! I wish I never miss any of your poem and write up .

    I wish you never feel low in your life ! I wish , I never give you an opportunity to make such confession.

    Hope , my words will convey my message beyond thier limitations.

    All respect and regards to you !

    Have simple and meaning ful life.

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    • Goodness Gracious!!!!!! Let me tackle this one at a time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      You really had me swim in the realm of what I dared to call infinite living. For the moments that I was reading the initial part of your response, you had all the windows of perceptions gloriously shattered …so there is nothing but the magnificent eternal nothingness! Infinite gratitude for that my friend!
      Now I am looking for a course to be taken in humility for your words with such high regard and praise for me!! I truly believe the universe opened up to me through you to let me know that I am doing something right. You know better than anyone else that I cannot take ownership of any of those poems and words that choose to pass through me. I look at them with wonderment of where they come from. My confession was true though πŸ™‚ I enjoy knowing you read them, because of your deep understanding and insight of these concepts that are really non-concepts or beyond concept.
      Deep respect and regard to you for your wholeheartedness and deep gratitude for your generosity of words, wishes and blessings for me. I truly carry them with me πŸ™‚

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  2. I really appreciate this perspective, yet a part of me is crying out … You don’t need to break them, just find the best way to clean them to their original clarity. If the cleaning doesn’t work, then sure go ahead and break them ❣

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    • Thank you so much for bringing to light another way of looking at the words that I chose. Respect, regard and gratitude to you!
      My perspective was more about when we are very resistant to changes that come …in our perspectives, beliefs, situations. When we try to clutch things the way we believe we want them to be. That’s when it is important to let them all break apart so we see the blessings in them. The hurt is not real …it’s only our resistance.


  3. Thoughts are always present in space as vibrations it’s our ability to intune with them.

    Thoughts are very powerful and can be created by human mind consciously. This is such a high motion that you are not claiming the doership of your wonderful poems. That makes you even stand apart from the crowd.

    I am glad that I could bring a smile on your face. I agree with you being heard is reward and being understood makes you to live on cloud 9.

    Receiving and perceving vibes as thoughts can be done rightly if both receiver and sender intune with same frequency.

    Some times soul to soul exchange of energy as thoughts by the medium of writing as words makes you ecstatically blissful.

    You want to experience same blissfulness again and again. You are vulnerable and addicted to those moments. You wanted to express more on those lines . You wait for some energy source from other side to travel along with you to witness with you as soul in the different realm of happiness. Which is beyond expressions.

    All creative people are having flow of energy within them at higher level . Possibility of thier interaction with spirituality remains more or in other words you become creative for no reason when air of spirituality touches your real self. You remain at peace , you feel happiness for no reason. You find things perfect and beautiful. You have no grudge.

    Similarly you see every thing as miracle and yet understand everything effortlessly. You see everything as creativity. You start thinking in poetic expression.

    If given opportunity you can express each of your thought in philosophical way . Leaving those people alone means they will end up creating something Beautiful.

    They never feel boredom but relish silence and look for the time to talk with the self.

    They are alone in the crowd and can celebrate festival in silence. You are one among them. They often feel surprised about their own poems and read them like they are reading them first time. Many times they are surprised with thier own creativity .

    In real life when we try to communicate on those lines it looks that we can never convey what we want to express. It is such huge war for materialism . People count their seconds and don’t want to waste them for other than what beneficial for them materialstically.

    Even if you dare to speak to them out of the way , they can listen to you out of the respect but can’t relate that wisdom to apply in thier real life.

    Layers of physicality are huge and powerful that thinking beyond body and mind seems to be impossible.

    Thanks for such a platform that could connect across the globe and can search people who think on similar lines.

    Thanks for giving me opportunity to express my feelings and understanding yours .

    All the very best and beautiful morning to you.

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    • It is like you are showing a mirror to me …saying every word exactly as I would have said it, but haven’t said it …so all I can reflect back is me nodding continually with a nothingness within me.
      I am very aware of the addiction you bring to notice, and the perils of it. But oh well, I give myself the benefit of my human-ness in being direct in asking for what brings joy. There is definite power to creativity when souls in resonance interact …at the same time, a dependence on that could work against it. Each one of us has some practice I think to keep ourselves grounded in our own Self while we sometimes ask truthfully for what we would enjoy πŸ™‚ More power to resonance in more and more interactions we encounter in the world!
      Thank you for the welcoming presence that has me say what comes out of me in response.
      Wish you the best, here and now, and always.

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      • Being a nothingness you are not supposed to worry for any addiction and perils of it.
        You just witness that pleasure and remain untouched being a nothingness.

        On humanness ground yes , we repeat enjoying what we love to do and keep on doing no matter what others have opinion about us.
        Indeed on the level we converse I believe is the highest form of wisdom if we will stop talk to each other , rather forced to communicate with other source of energy then also we will keep on talking if not with others we will speak to the self but we can’t leave that happiness at any cost.

        Once you taste the bliss there is no turn back either I will speak to you or with somebody else if none is available I will continue with self . There is no escape from that blissful experience.

        Indeed we are blissfulness as we say as per our holy scriptures ” satchidanand”.

        Feeling of being nothingness makes you ecstatic if you will not express it with others then also you are relishing it within.

        It’s like people judge your addiction or not you are in different realm of happiness always.

        Sharing that blissfulness is bound to happen flowers can’t hold thier fragrance. Sun can’t hold it’s heat within, water can’t take way its ability to satisfy our thirst.

        Being a blissfulness it’s happening all the time but very few acknowledge that nothingness within and around , it’s rare when two nothingness acknowledge each other that feeling is beyond the words of my expressions may be one day I will get correct words for them and I will explain to you.

        I consume lot of your time , I agree but can’t help unless you will not stop replying hopefully I will keep on posted you and will keep consuming your incredibly valuable time.

        It’s really rich and contented experience with you all the time.

        Saying thanks is merely formality.

        Have good sleep and great time ahead.

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        • I am going to call it a positive addiction then πŸ™‚ …you are right nothing to worry about in nothingness.
          Agree with you …there is no turning back and there will always be ways and means to express and experience as we keep moving into the expansiveness of existence itself.
          When 2 nothings converse, time is not consumed, it is richly experienced moment to moment.
          As worldly humans though I really appreciate and respect you giving your time to have your words flow in this space.
          All the joy, glory and …blissful nothingness to you in your day ahead!

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