Tears & Emotions

Tears come from a beautiful emotion
Let it flow
It is a wave unfolding
Let it grow
Sometimes we ride on the peak of this wave
Sometimes manage to find the depth
All this you very well Know
So let it flow
You are the sea of consciousness
This beautiful emotion is a turbulent ripple
In a short while you will find a calm, serene view
That you will find equally beautiful!


Dear WordPress friends : I was really committed to visiting this space and the Reader feed daily to check out the wonderful works of fellow bloggers. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily ritual and connecting with each other. For the next 2 months though I am having to choose to align more with other things coming my way. I will still visit, post and respondΒ on a weekly basis, and if possible more. And will also try to stay with as much reading as possible! May universe guide me back here daily with ease and joy πŸ™‚ Heartfelt gratitude for all the conversations and contributions here. Wish you all the most amazing time ahead!

32 thoughts on “Tears & Emotions

  1. We so want that quiet calm in a sea of emotion. Getting to the point of letting it go, flow, and grow takes a little bit of eyes off self.

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  2. Amazing lines
    You inspire your self in your poetry .

    Each word is so aligned , so meaningful .

    It’s a treat to read.

    All the very best !

    How are you ? Is everything ok with you ?

    Liked by 1 person

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