Pleasure & Pain of Happiness

Pleasure and pain of wanting happiness
Incessantly we go through both of those
Alternate between them so close
Often lose touch with our responsiveness

There’s joy of resourcefulness
There’s fatigue of relentlessness
The constant chase of instant happiness
Pleasure and pain become differenceless

Up on the high and down on the low
Roller coaster ride on we continually go
Amazing we say then exhausting we say
Pleasure & pain bouncing all the way

Happiness to me now is if it’s Now
In the choice of this moment how
If it’s there by my mere Being
Or else I am just outsourcing …

14 thoughts on “Pleasure & Pain of Happiness

  1. Many empaths feel the emotion of those around them as if an emotion sponge. Up and down, up and down it goes. Empaths (I am one) have to ask ourselves. Is this really me or just energy around me?
    The last few lines of the poem are an excellent summarization. It’s like we are carrying a seed of whatever it is inside of us. This is us. This is our moment. We want to happily hold it. We don’t want to outsource it.

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    • You absolutely nailed it in your response …directly reaching my thought process behind this. Truly appreciate your thoughtful reflecting back. Thank you!
      I have realized I continually imbibe the unsaid from around … like a sponge, yes …so it becomes an ongoing journey of returning back to truly Being. I love your idea of carrying a seed of that Being in everything we choose for the next moment!

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  2. Very nice poem. The most beautiful thing of this poem is the use of the contradictory words in a particular rhythm like ” Joy of resourcefulness” and “fatigue of relentlessness”. Enjoyed these pulses of this poem and the message too.

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  3. happiness is very much a contrast. biologically, we cannot be continuously happy. you have to experience the pain to appreciate the pleasure. pleasure 24/7 would create indifference. great post:)

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  4. So beautiful, happiness is being self here and now, chasing happiness is nothing but pain ful ride. You said right we are trying to outsource happiness.

    So beautifully defined. One need eye for the detail to understand your poems.

    They are epitome of wisdom.

    Pragalbha you are simply awesome.

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