Tall & Small

The following wise words come from my 10 year old son 🙂  It shows his innocent reflection on his journey of acceptance about being the shortest around, for his age.

You are tall because
You can reach very high places
You are small because
That’s just how you are

You are tall because
You can reach your dreams
You are small because
That’s just how you are

You are tall since
You look very strong
You are small since
That’s just how you are

You are tall because
That’s how it feels
You are short since
That’s just how you are!





23 thoughts on “Tall & Small

  1. 10-year-old son? I loved this… He is definitely good with words already. He has great line breaks, good content, great world selection. And, the message?!?! Nicely done, little one. Nicely done.

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  3. A lovely poem reflecting his inner feelings – very brave! Beautiful things come in small packages and diamonds shine so bright and are so strong and yet are so tiny… Size doesn’t reflect the strength and beauty of a person – it’s what’s on the inside and your son is clearly shining bright!

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      • I was one of the shortest kids in my class up until about 10th grade. Then I finally came to a place where I accepted myself and felt free around anyone around me.
        Do you know what happened? I had a growth spurt and became one of the tallest kids in my class by 12th grade.

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