The Silent Warrior

I have it in me to win this game
I know very well patience is its name
Never quit never give up
I got this, this is my cup

This attitude keeps my spirits up
Gives me power gives me passion
Intoxicates me with strength and also its illusion
I will fight this because I got it down in my pride
I have got my will by my side

Equipped myself with all the defenses
Earned on the way all the praises
Gratitude and Kindness became my allies
Exchanging both with others made miracles arise

There’s always this fear though that lingers
If I can sustain the anchors
At times really breaks me down
And the best that we have as Seekers

One more ally called Surrender
Would make it all very easier
What would it be like to let go
To be able to join the universal flow

Challenges me to do so
The ‘I’ is not easy to let go
Have to admit it sounds a relief
To have to do no more
To just be the Being at the core

The strength and the passion is not felt as a surge
Universe becomes the fuel that with which you merge
Willpower gets to rest
Freedom at its best

Passion is more like this silent power
Strength like this inert confidence
Faith is more like this inner knowing
I am now at peace and also still the same warrior!


15 thoughts on “The Silent Warrior

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  3. What a beautiful poem…full of wisdom, power, peace & magic…from deep within…Pragalbha, sometimes I feel reading your lines is like seeing you…your formless form in it pure beauty…not the body form…the energy πŸ’«

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    • And yes, it is an experience of being truly seen, the way you read – these poems are from the time I was dabbling in pure energy and revelations, not feeling any formly identity. I was on the path of discovery of stuff I would take a long time to live with truthfully. It is a true privilege and a gift to be read by you. Thank you ever so much _()_

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    • This was a true journey of revelation to me, how I was so attached to the glory of willpower and the invitation to soften with surrender was stark. Thank you very much for your kind and knowing attention, it feels so good to be understood.


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