Miracles of Living

Miracles unfold oh so slowly
When you want them to hurry
When you look back on them
You go holy moley!
They were happening all along
More than you did count among

Sporadic glimpses sprinkled
Dreams repeatedly rekindled
Sometimes it is here & now
And we are busy thinking when & how

Those blank pauses
Times of boredom and lone-ness
That tend to bring worry
Are the ones going towards possibility
If you fill them with mindless doing
You might miss on being
The witness of the miracle due coming

Comes in packages big and small
Some persons near or across the miles
Uplifting conversations and smiles
Sometimes just being on a mountain tall
Or listening to the waves crash and fall

Everything that you have ever asked for
Everything you ever yearned for
Just exactly that is what you keep living
Miracle of a life yes it is you living

All that you know as, gets rearranged
Into the asked for gift, to be packaged
Look closely, unwrap slowly
The wrapping is not your choice really
Maybe pleasant or painfully unpleasant
You asked for it & matter it doesn’t!

You will marvel at the miracle surely
As you learn to love yourself purely
Connecting to other souls dearly
Whom you find to be seekers too clearly

The glimpses sprinkled
And the dreams rekindled
Will keep you on the way
Like a lit path to help you stay
A sense of trust towards destiny
A sense of joy in the journey
Not knowing where you will reach
Or maybe even want to reach …

16 thoughts on “Miracles of Living

  1. or maybe even want to reach… – yes, that’s the essence of the journey – the signpost are not necessary showing the destination, sometimes just a direction

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