The Beautiful Yearning

The yearning and the longing
The needing and the feeling
The seeking and the seething
The knowing and the not-knowing
The choosing and the denying
The thirsting and the quenching
The emptying and the filling
The accepting and the resisting
The looking for the meaning
The painfully beautiful
The beautifully painful
Can’t hold it, can’t let go
Universe applauds and affirms
Worldly mind analyzes and scrutinizes
All of it is simply You
Looking for expansion
Into the infinites of Love
From the confines of Woe
That feels like a hole
Somewhere inside of you
Take a deep breath
Fill it with your presence
Use all your finesse
To receive completely and skilfully
You will not need nor lose
Any relation to the frivolous pursuit
Of making yourself whole with the other
Beautiful will not be painful
Relations will thrive only on being grateful
Giving joy and receiving joy
Feeling Love and breathing Love
Connecting one yearning soul to another
Fill your void first then pour around
Watch it take the exact flavor as seeked by the receiver
Be the giver, also surely be the receiver
Relations go by worldly names
They are nurtured by pure Love that tames
All the yearning and the longing
The needing and the feeling …

6 thoughts on “The Beautiful Yearning

  1. Beautifully summed what this life is!
    This thirst for the knowledge, connection, expression and creation. And then at last, everything simply equates to giving and receiving… love and joy! Kudos!!

    Liked by 1 person

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