The call to shine …

It is amusing when we sometimes avoid someone
because they would make sense

It feels comfy to be in the Cute-but-not-so-bright
state of being, for a while more

Thank you to the twinkling stars that continue to beacon me
Yes all of you who continue to inspire me

I will be home I promise, I’ll join you
Let me play a bit more, it’s just fun to

I will find the courage to shine bright
And maybe become a beacon for few more …


7 thoughts on “The call to shine …

  1. WoW!!! it’s funny how we crave success but are afraid of being successful……we desire light but wear shades because it’s too bright………we expect good but are afraid of being good to others……….we make our lives too complicated trying to fit in the grey between the black and white but boy do we fail to realize………there is no black there is no white…….it’s just life! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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