Bound Being, Free Being

You are not bound
You are not free
You are the lock
You are the key

You are the thought
You see but you are not
You are the one
That can see that thought

You are the Being
You think you are the Doing
Doing from the feeling
Feeling from the meaning

Do the doing that sets you free
Do take a step back and see
If the doing you can’t help doing
Is actually not You fleeing

Be the Being
Bound and Free
You are the lock
You are the key

13 thoughts on “Bound Being, Free Being

  1. You are the lock and you are the key , highly spiritual yet so simple.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you will love my presence at the bottom of your blog. Let me travel with you again with each post of your sipping each post slowly savoring the taste feeling the emotions as much as closely.


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  2. This is so motivational one…

    “Do what you feel and feel what you do…
    Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.”

    Above thoughts came while I read your “amazing” work… Great one… Liked it a lot… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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