Soul Interactions

Energy of the Souls is what we interact with
When we connect with other Beings
Some resonate so intense that you feel you know them well
Yet you don’t know anything about their worldly life
Their joys and their pains

They are tagless undefined divine relations
Best nurtured through time and patience
For their virtue is their expansiveness
And their infiniteness!

They will seek out the best in other
Until the egos interfere
Wanting to define and box
Fit in nicely like a cozy socks

Let go of all the strive
And let the energies thrive
What you see in other through worldly eyes is not the Whole
What you see as a whole is actually the Soul!

-PD πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “Soul Interactions

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  2. WoW!!! ahem…..WoW!!! this is really beautiful……and so true……..the resonance compensate for knowledge…….after all its the connection we seek…..!!! absolutely loved this!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  5. The number eight has caught my attention for the last couple of years. It would show up in many different ways that were coincidental.
    This morning I woke up understandIng not only how to energize ourselves with the interactions of other souls,but also how we need to carry over this ability to be able to energize our soul with the interaction of other souls in order to maintain indivdual consciousness in the afterlife.
    As I looked at the date, the 8th of November. I knew this was the coincidence with this number to make me aware of this important life lesson.
    Then I brought up soul interaction on my I-pad and your poem came up
    The first line being
    Energy of the souls is what we interact with
    I understand it completely

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    • I am humbled, thrilled and grateful to receive this message from you. I am very happy to know about the profound lessons and perceptions becoming evident to you in most powerful ways. That my poem shows up on your search is a gift to me. Thank you very much for your kind visit and sharing with me.


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